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Lead or Rumour info - Manchester Mayfield, back up for urbex action?


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So the infamous Mayfield station, arguably one of the best location in Manchester. It was the first place I ever visited and even shot a music video there as part of my media production coursework.
Anyway, as we all know it was briefly used as an arts venue for Manchester arts week, I visited then and it looked more like a builders yard with fences and scaffolding everywhere. The The Warehouse Project made plans to use it as their next venue and more art shows were to be held. But it seems like this may have all fallen through? I've found this article saying London Continental Railways (who own the site) have put a stop to any development of it to be used as a entertainments venue as they want it for updated rail networks. And as good as the British rail network is, this probably won't be done in a rush. So maybe we're able to roam it free again? And after it hosting the short arts festival and holding a gig inside, maybe there are new additions to it? I'll post the link to the article below, let me know what you think. I might be getting excited over nothing but there is always hope :thumb

Mayfield Station Arts Plan Derailed

(Other sources I've also found)

Property**/**Mayfield arts plan hits the buffers THEBUSINESSDESK.COM

Warehouse Project Mayfield Depot: Nightclub plans to move into scrapped after owners pull out - Manchester Evening News


was confused as to who London Continental Railways are? But it seems to be the new name for British Rail Board (Residuary) Ltd (BRBR) since 2013

LCR is a UK Government-owned company that specialises in the management, development and disposal of property assets within a railway context and, in particular, property assets associated with major infrastructure projects.

LCR is a limited liability company that is wholly owned by the Department for Transport (DfT).

On 30 September 2013, LCR took over properties held and managed by the BRB (Residuary) Ltd (BRBR) prior to it being wound up. BRBR was created in 2001 to manage the majority of the remaining properties, rights and liabilities of the British Railways Board.
Now then, does this mean these property's still come under the jurisdiction of British Transport Police??


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It was great until they took the roof off! I was last there in June 2013.
There used to be rubber works nearby that was a good site, I came across it during a failed attempt to get into Mayfield. Gone now sadly, but I am tempted by the lower sections.