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Report - Manchester Mayfield Train Station - October 2012


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So this was planned for quite some time and a few people eventually jumped on the band waggon and thought why not.

Was visited with Skinny and jbl.bass. Anon was supposed to be there but a bit of a fuck up but met up with him later on anyway.

So started off early and I had already done a bit of research so I knew where the access point was. Was an easy walk over and straight in. When I say we explored this whole site I mean the WHOLE of it we explored. I don't think there was a spot we didn't touch with our torches.

So on with the history. Shamefully stolen by me from Serenity.


The Station was opened on the 8th of August 1910 by the LNWR (London & North Western Railway) next to the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railways Manchester London Road Terminus of 1844 (Later and more famously renamed Manchester Piccadilly in 1960 by British Railways). The Station was opened to deal with an ever increasing number of trains operating out of London Road Station and would act more or less as an overflow station for London Road. Little more can be said in the history of the Station until we reach the 1940's when Mayfield was hit by a Parachute Mine dropped by the Luftwaffe causing great damage to the station, however the station was soon rebuilt and active once more. Once British Railways took over from the LMS in 1948 the station saw a massive decrease in trains as rival companies had been merged and many trains were removed under the Beeching Axe, London Road or Piccadilly as it was now known was more than able to hold it's own and Mayfield sometimes saw one train per day during British Rail ownership, that been the 5PM Pines Express which Terminated at the Station. In the end British Rail saw no further use for the Station to serve passengers and it closed to passenger trains on the 28th of August 1960 with only 50 years of service under her belt. The Station reopened in 1970 as a Parcels depot but the Mail Trains only ran into Mayfield until 1986 when it was once again closed. The Tracks were removed in 1989 during the Piccadilly remodeling program and it has been derelict ever since. It has however made two TV Appearances in Prime Suspect and The Last Train. The Station suffered major fire damage after an arson attack in 2005.[/HR]

[HR] [/HR]

If the pictures seem a bit 'noisy' or 'fuzzy' it's because these were shot on a point and shoot. So I aplolagise if it seems the quality is a bit poo. Also took note on the 'tilt'. No more tilt from now on.

On with the pictures. Hope I done it justice.

Early morning shot from the ramp going up.



An overlook of the left side of the platforms.

Messed about with the colours in this a bit :rolleyes:.

View from the stares.

Piccadilly platform 13 & 14.



I've heard this is the first time this Police barrier tape has been on a report. Anyone know the story behind it if I'm correct?

Thought this was kind of ironic :laugh.


I believe this was a poster left over from the ITV program called 'Prime Suspect'. But again correct me if I'm wrong :thumb.



The main platform(s)

What's left of the rail track.

Buffers what Steam trains used to use.



Me and the others were discussing what the contents of this bag seemed to be.



This is the bottom part. What this was used for god only knows. But I tried to fix the image as much as I could to try and get a scale of the size of it.


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