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Walking in Market Street yesterday, I was suddenly reminded of the underground market opposite the Arndale, which closed in the 90s maybe? I remember going down there shopping, back in the day. I wonder if the space still exists? Can't see anything here on 28. Here's an interesting article with pix from MEN.



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The original section bounded by Brown Street, Norfolk Street, Pall Mall and New Market Lane = Demolished. Now Tesco Metro and Norfolk House.

The extension between Brown Street and Spring Gardens = Demolished. Now Slater Menswear, H+M and others.

The entrance from Market Street = Extant. Below Brown Street. (If you go exploring on yer bike, mind where you park it!)

The stairway down at the junction of Brown Street and Norfolk Street = Who knows!
Obviously the manhole where 'Exploring with Fuckwits' went looking leads to Oldham. So give that one a miss,
But there may be something to find nearby. (The manhole, not Oldham!)

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