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Report - Mann Island, Liverpool, April 2010


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Info from the developers website
The first apartments will be completed in Spring 2010 with the whole development due for completion in 2011.

The entire residential element of the development was sold to the investment group Dylan Harvey early in 2008 in what was the city’s biggest ever residential property deal.

The 11-storey commercial office building will be occupied by the Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority and Merseytravel, following the signing of one of Liverpool’s biggest commercial property deals in years.

The organisation will bring staff from four sites together for the first time into the 140,000 sq ft building, which has been designed to achieve the country’s highest environmental and accessibility standards.

The main elements of the brief provided to Neptune were to deliver a high quality mixed use scheme incorporating covered public space that should complement the adjoining Pier Head buildings, NML’s Museum of Liverpool proposals and the canal extension.

As a key site, Mann Island forms an integral part of the delivery of a transformed Liverpool waterfront. During the consultation process, presentations to CABE, English Heritage, UNESCO, LUDCAP and Liverpool City Council resulted in support for the development.

Important constraints on the development that required careful consideration were: the site’s proximity to the listed Pier Head group; World Heritage Status; Merseyrail tunnels run under the site; accommodating the canal extension; and integrating the development with the NML scheme.

When completed, the development will comprise:
• 376 residential apartments in two buildings, with: approx. 4,760 m2 ground and mezzanine floor A1/A3/A4 uses; and
• two levels of underground car parking for the whole development, a total of 483 spaces plus cycle parking.
• a 13,079 m2 gross commercial office building.
• 1,247 m2 of covered public realm—capable of accommodating temporary exhibitions, café seating areas, etc.
• public open space and public realm including: gateway open space adjacent to the Strand/Mann Island. plaza open space (approx.1,800 m2) around the approved canal basin.
• footbridge across George’s Dock Inlet.
• Primary substation.
This is one of the sites I've had my eye on for absolutely ages now, and I'm pretty happy I finally managed it. The site is covered in cameras, and with active security patrols, you need to keep an eye out.
After running in circles trying to find the way to the stairwell for quite a while, we finally found our way up.

High-5's were exchanged, before we made our way up the ladder to the crane.

Locked hatch :(

The crane, with the Liver building behind.

"Im flying, Jack!"

Albert Dock

Stupid pose time :p


Time to recover our zen before the exit journey..