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Report - Manor House - Hampole - Doncaster August 2012

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Manor House Doncaster

(The Doctors House)

Decided to try and track down the Manor House at Doncaster today, especially after seeing photo's of the old Humber Super Snipe, what a machine :) So took me a couple of hours to piece together the clues and get a location, but for you lot moaning that you can't find it a bit of searching in the right places will get you there trust me :thumb

Anyway's a little background info on the site for anyone who hasn't seen previous reports. The building was last inhabited around ten years ago by a Doctor who would appear to have had an interest in Hi Fi and classic vehicles. The place is still full up with reminders of the Doctors life, and it would appear that someone has tried to make an effort restoring the Manor but cancelled before much work was undertaken for some reason. Just a little info but now it's picture time!

So here's my first shot, just showing the exterior of the property, although it is rather overgrown atm.


The Pool, sadly empty as in today's heat it'd have been ideal for a dip :p


A few items of interest in the kitchen




The Study area, and a sea of mags.


A nice bit of masonry :thumb


Fire up the Humber! The highlight of the explore for me.


Where to Gov?


And I think I'll include this sorry sight too, taken on my way home. The twin towers, all that remains of a local favorite Thorpe Marsh...


That's all Folks! As usual, Cheers for reading :)
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