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Report - Manor House in the woods, Guildford/Godalming, Surrey April 19


I call bullshit!
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If it’s really a huge problem I’ll delete this one but apart from Surrey I’m not giving out anything else as people will get it almost straight away
If you don't want others to see it, you better ask for it to be deleted. Code names are pointless, I found it before you said Godalming / Guilford.

However, do remember that the place has been visited previously by someone who created entry, smashed windows, sinks etc and threw stuff around the place....they'll likely be back, with their mates to do the same again and again. Unless you did that before your photos, someone bad already knows where it is.

Redavni Ecaps

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28DL Full Member
must protect fooked derp,tbf that plug socket is pretty epic.
The radiators, keylocks, brass door handles & sink with brass taps\waste handle are too, it's not often you see them altogether in the same property, residential property anyway.

Old Git

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28DL Full Member
Unfortunately I will keep this one very quiet it’s far too good internally and has a huge amount of personal belongings etc
Can we have some pictures of them then if its going to be a big secret or we might think its called electric mansion, and yes, i am being sarcastic>

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