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Shame you participated when they ended it with the usual dross...

But yesterday site owner, Nottingham-based businessman M.H. Adam urged all urban explorers to stay away.

"Like all building and development sites the site and building are very dangerous and no one should enter whatsoever. Anyone who does enter will be prosecuted.

"Before alterations, we do ourselves photograph both the building and the site in order to preserve a historic record."

And a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police says officers are aware of the activities of urban explorers and some trespassers had been issued warning letters and told not to return to the buildings.


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Ha ha it's like them sending a note home to your parents when you were at school :p


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Please note: They are legally obliged to print the last bit.
Not true, did they put anything like that in my guardian article? No!

Your saying a newspaper cannot write an one sided story?...
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