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Question - Mansion in kings langley Herts


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It's not abandonded was there today with the same beliefs and was greeted by the police and then the owners the man that owns the house is ill and in hospital.

It certainly wasn't in a liveable condition. It has had mass water damage and the ceilings are falling through in various parts of the house with plants growing through the windows/walls it's been left for a fair few years.

You are correct though. The Elite Explorer on Facebook has posted a video showing the police and owners and said the above.

However, as bad as it sounds, you can't expect to leave a large house full of valuables to not be broken in to at least if you leave it like that for so many years! People houses are broken into whilst they are on holiday or even when they are still in!!!
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If this is true some scumbag’s have just trashed and robbed this poor guys house hopefully the cctv works then and they get there day in court


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I have been a member of this group for 12 years so not sure what more I can do trust wise. I have used all clues I have, I believe I know the road name but wana be sure before driving over there to photograph it

I went there yesterday and there was a grupoe of people also parked up on the drive soon after turning up 2 police cars showed up and 6 people got arrested


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Who goes exploring a place that's reported not abandoned and has police interest.
It's a whole new level below the tour bus wankers and slightly above burglars.
This thread seems to be breeding fuckwits.


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Hi all

I’m sure you have seen by now that there seems to be a old Russian mansion located somewhere in the kings langley area of Herts.

I’m a very keen photographer and I’m trying to find out where this actually is, if anyone has this information if you could message me directly that would be awesome. I have a rough idea of where it is but just wanting to confirm before travelling to it.

This isnt abandoned, the old mans in hospital. There are police and family looking after the place,,, PLEASE DONT GO TO THIS PROPERTY


Has a weak spot for staircases
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Certainly made a nice change from only getting annoyed by people exploring during a lockdown.
Very true the NHS and other emergency services can do without us potentially hurting ourselves at the moment