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Lead or Rumour info - Manston Airport Kent


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I know people have been to Manston and done the 747 there but wondering if any has done any recon since it closed down as would be good to go in before it's demolished.


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how is this a lead or rumour? I dont think you understand what this section is intended for? It is in place to offer information on locations to other members of the forum...not to ask for it!

As you have stated, the airport has now closed so if you think there is something up there worth the reccy then go and put the time and effort into it.

Good luck and I look forward to your report...The only thing I will tell you is that there is still security presence up there and regular patrols


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Just thought I'd let you know that I went down twice a little while ago to see the old girl. Still hasn't been moved since other reports that i've seen. First night, being new to urban ex we couldn't work out how to get in. So got a few snaps and then left. Went back down the next night having taken a better look at reports and how to get in. Found the main access route now blocked. With the rolling steps having been too heavy for 2 blokes to move, I think that this site is probably best left for now. It was also odd to see that the second night that we returned that the cabin door was open whereas it wasn't the night before.

Didn't actually see any security as we kept low and fast. However that doesn't mean there isn't any. I would have loved to have seen inside, however we could have just been morons by not finding a way in. Good luck if you plan to go up there though! Let us know if you have better luck.


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^^ The boeing was fucked up by local goons mate in broad daylight showing off waving willys..i think the original semi point of this post was the rest of the airport,the Boeing itself has been done many times since 2010 time so was only a matter of time before it got fucked!

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