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Report - Marconi office building (Liverpool, Dec, 2017)


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The Marconi building (53.408846, -2.929926) is a 1950’s style office block on Edge Lane, one of the last remnants of the telecom businesses that used to occupy this area (ATM, AT&E, Plessey, GPT, Marconi). Empty since 2005 it is now being converted into a Travelodge and modern office space. I circled this place a few months ago but it seemed both completely empty and rather secure. However builders have now moved in making access much easier so I went for an early morning wander. The lower two floors are stripped right back to the concrete with work continuing on the upper two floors.

There is no content as such so the interest here is in the architecture and spaces (and dodging builders). Pictures go from the ground floor up to the roof and then down another flight of stairs.

View north with the fish and meat market on Prescot road just visible to the left of the curved front.

View southeast with the Littlewoods tower on the right and the Anglican cathedral in the distance. The hut on the roof is an office penthouse but I couldn’t get inside this because builders were demolishing stuff on the floor below.

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They're well on the way to turning this into a Travelodge now, I walked past it the other day and saw builders I had no idea it was abandonned or I would have tried this excursion myself.

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