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Report - Margaret Beavan School, Liverpool - Jan 18


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It was the beginning of the year and we were ready to undertake the line up of explores we had set ourselves to complete in 2018. The first site was only recently added to the list as it only recently became heard of but once seeing a few pictures of it, we knew it was perfect for what we wanted to capture.

The Margaret Beavan School

After catching the train to Liverpool in the morning, we arrived at the site around 1pm. It sucks that someone had to mark their territory right on this sign.

Firstly, we walked around the oldest building, which was originally a villa built in 1884. The building is of a red brick terracotta style. We had no way of accessing it as we'd heard it was alarmed and sealed tight which it seemed to be.

After it had been disused, it hosted the filming of season 3 of the BBC TV show, Young Dracula. During our explore, we found many remnants of the filming of this show, like the script and wrap party invitations. If someone manages to get into the main building, that is where they filmed a lot of the show so I can only imagine what it was like being inside.

The building became a school later and the additional buildings we gained access to seemed much more modern. Upon entering the site, we were inside the DT Classroom, complete with multiple sanding tables, a press machines and safety instructions on the walls.

The corridor outside us was very dark as most of the classroom doors were shut, but nevertheless we ventured through it, excited with what else we would find.

In total, the school had about 10 classrooms more or less, some being in the shed like buildings we sadly couldn't access on our trip. We made it into a staff room, science room, changing room, make-up/textiles and a gym! In addition, one of the rooms we entered seemed to have been converted into temporary dressing rooms for the TV show, with some props left behind.

The school taught children with special needs for a long time. I don't have any exact dates because there isn't much history on this place. The main bit is that it was erected by Margaret Beavan, who was the mayor of Liverpool and a famous politician for the work she did for the poor.

The school closed twelve years ago and seems to have begun getting stripped as we found out towards the end of the explore, with the modern walls being replaces by brick.

This building reminded me of my school hall, in it's shape and design so that's what I'm guessing this is.

After finishing our explore, we exited via the way we had come in. The building is going for sale currently and there is planning permission to remove the trees blocking the building from view as it is overgrown. The people around it obviously care about it and don't want to see it knocked down. So it sucks that it's in the state it's in.

Eventually, this place will be vandalised so I recommend going soon if you want to, it's in prime conditions, and there is a lot you can learn through the paperwork inside.

Be sure to check out the video for a more in depth explore, if that's what you're interested in. This is the pilot episode for my new series, Mistaken Dilapidation so feedback is very much appreciated. The video featured a cinematic documentary of the school.

Thanks for watching :)


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Hi I went to this school, just to let you know that wasn't the staff room, it was the cooking class room there was a little room with a bath in it and a other room in the corner that we sat in waiting for the stuff to cook.

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