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Margaret Bevan School - Jan 2018


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FORMER MARGARET BEVAN SCHOOL: This was originally called Eddesbury, built about 1885 - one of the last grand mansions constructed in West Derby. Occupying the site of an earlier house, it was the home of prominent cotton broker Danson Cunningham. Mr Cunningham, who had a disabled son, was among the wealthy people who pioneered outings for children with disabilities. They would take the children and carers on outings to Wirral and elsewhere in their expensive cars. The Cunninghams knew Councillor Margaret Bevan, later Liverpool's first woman Lord Mayor. It is believed this is how Liverpool City Council acquired this building. The school was named after Miss Bevan, serving children in need of specialist education for decades. It is still owned and maintained by the city council and is used for filming, including scenes from Young Dracula. The building, with its fine terracotta decorations, is Grade II-listed - the gateway and red wall-mounted postbox seen are also listed. The West Derby Society is concerned about the future of this nationally-important building which could have a number of uses. It has urged the council to prune the dense foliage and saplings, which obscure the mansion in summer. This would make the building more visible, enhancing the West Derby Village conservation area in which it stands.

Shit day realy
After stopping at many places speaking to builders and getting trapped loosing my torch. Then found a dog running round the m56 so we took that to the vets
Then the the mrs gets in touch the new iPhone JUMPED off the car roof going down the road!

wasn’t too bad in the end..


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