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Report - Marian Court Council Housing Estate - Hackney, London - February 2019


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28DL Full Member
Information + History
Marian Court is a council housing estate that is unlike any other. It was proposed to be knocked down and rebuilt in 2016, with the project ending in 2022. However due to multiple scandals, which have been heavily reported on by the news, this project hasn't started. There are even residents living on the bottom floor (can't imagine being them). I assume it will eventually be knocked down and rebuilt as more housing.
2 minutes walk from these dilapidated, unloved houses are million pound penthouses and Boris funded luxury shopping halls (half of the shopping centres are lying to waste even after being injected with money from the government.
The appartments are heavily covered with graffiti and, of what I saw, empty inside.

The Explore

With three/four dog units on site with open boots, with a 24 hours presence - to my knowledge, it's not an easy explore yet with a lack of a fence its easy to get into. The small site combined with the large amount of guards made it a uniquely hard place to explore.
We thoroughly explored the outside of the buildings before getting inside. After hearing footsteps and dog parks we promptly left and were chased off the site. I will go back at some point and get more pictures and hopefully have more luck.
A short explore, with a large amount of potential.