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Report - Markeaton Interceptor - Derby - July 2013


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This is now the second report from the same visit, Juju has put up a great report on this drain we visited together, however, i hope you guys dont mind me sticking up my version of the event.:D

The evening started off perfectly, the drive to derby went smoothly with no hold-ups.....parking was brilliant due to all the pay and display machines being broken into and then left out of order.......and the walk to the drain through the park in lovely sunny weather, with 3 of my amigo's wearing wellies and not a drop of water in sight, also went smoothly. Also getting past the pikey looking carp fishermen who were very adamant we were not to scare the fish on entry to the drain, also went smoothly:D . We got into the drain and started the stop, shoot, start, march mooch and it was brill, i love all explores weather it be topside,woods,or underground, but there is something that really makes me twich when going below ground i just love it. All was going great right up until we got to the end of the drain, where i decided i wanted to make the crossing through the deeper water to the grill the other side, just so i knew i walked every inch of this drain. It was on entering the lake water i quickly realized this was going to be more of a swim rather than walk through, but i still continued in my shorts and trainers determined to touch the grill, im waste high in water when i realized i had something hard banging against (just below) my knee with the flow of the water, so i reached in my combat shorts side knee pocket................ and pulled out my iphone :crazy:banghead.............turns out they cant swim and died a quick death there and then. Tbh the loss of the phone didnt spoil my night or the night of my fellow amigo's who were on the floor in stitches....cant imagine why.

On leaving the drain we saw the kiddies parks had no kiddies in them, so we decided to make sure the apparatus was in good working order ready for the kiddies return the next day:cool. When it became time for us to leave we realized the satnav we used to get us to derby was inside my drowned iphone.....but this was not an issue because we had the latest tech with us...THE POMPOM... the pompom got us straight to the M-pom and a quick jurney back to ju's where we devoured much needed kebabs

hope that didnt bore you to much, on with the pics :thumb














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