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Martin Farr (cave diving)


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Been looking at some of this guys work over the past few weeks..
never really been interested in diving.. untill now!! :Not Worthy this guy has some amazing photos... i know he is looking at doing a old silver mine near me.. so waiting to see what he comes up with :thumb


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Id love to dive in old mines or caves just never really knew where to start,
The pics on his website are lovely and the colours are really vibrant.


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A friend of mine is well in to this, its not an easy thing to start up though. A lot of training and dives to be completed before you can go for this. Not bad if your already an eperienced scuba diver though.

Id like to get into wreck diving myself. already do the odd bit of muff diving.


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this report is one of my all-time favourites.
That's the report I was going to link to - first time I looked at it I scrolled down thinking, interesting place - but pics are a bit weird - then you come to the one of the diver and realise the whole place is flooded :eek:



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i've had a dabble in cave diving from my standard diving normaly the images you get are pitch black !!! especially tight cave were as you fin you kick the silt up.you get buoyancy wrong and you knock silt up!

Best bit of videography i've scene is this,http://vimeo.com/14388873
its deep wrecks of northern Ireland hms audacious, empire heritage and ss justica. Might be of interest to a few of you particularly the empire heritage that still has bits of metal that look like tanks on it and lorry chassis.

There are a fair few underwater mining works and quarrys i would be interested in getting into, but as i currently don't have a housing for my DSLR i don't think my compact will handle the low (well no) light conditions. Maybe in time i will save up a bit and follow dads route back into serious cave diving though for now i'm happy pottering about leaving nothing but bubbles.

just for interest does anyone have any more info on the shelter mentioned above? Why it was flooded and what sort of depth its in.