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Report - Mascalls Park Hospital (formerly Warley Hospital) - July 2012


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Mascalls Park Hospital was built in 1936 within the expanding Warley Hospital site. The buildings were mainly used for new admissions and acute patients. With the demise of the main hospital in June 2001, these buildings situated slightly to the south of the main complex were retained as a medium secure mental health hospital and renamed Mascalls Park to avoid any confusion with the closed hospital.

During 2011, Mascalls Park was also closed and all services transferred to a new facility
named 'Sunflowers Court' at Goodmayes Hospital.

The North East London NHS Trust reported the following:

A farewell event was held on Friday, 17 December (2010) to mark the forthcoming closure of Mascalls Park, formerly Warley Hospital, in Warley. Staff, service users, carers, families and friends – current and past – joined the celebration on Oak Ward at Mascalls Park to mark the achievements of the site helping thousands of people with mental health problems over the past 153 years.

Many attendees brought memories and some historic memorabilia from the past Century-and-a-half to the Mascalls Park farewell event, with picture boards sparking lively discussions and nostalgia.

A total 153 Chinese lanterns were released into the sky to mark the occasion.

Obviously a significant occasion, considering the curtain had finally come down on Essex's first Asylum.

The explore

Having spent a significant part of my younger life in Brentwood, i had never had a proper mooch around this part of the hospital. I was surprised at it's size, but of course small fry in comparison to it's neighbour. The site consists mainly of 1930's style villa's complete with a water tower and some modern buildings (that appeared semi live). The site has been sold and planning permission granted for the usual, however the water tower will be retained.

It's not the most inspiring site and there was little worth pointing a camera at, but it was certainly worth an afternoon's mooch and documenting a little more of Warley's history:




Main admin block


One of the villa's, the modern block and water tower can just be seen, right.











Why's this guy taking a picture of a lane i hear you ask? Good question! Well, i like to look carefully for areas that have been untouched and forgotten about when all else has been disturbed in the name of progress. This short lane (now severed) would have been busy with patients and staff alike, as it linked the main hospital and the admissions (Mascalls Park).

A few views of the main site:


The original chapel (replaced by the one below) because it was deemed too small, spent much of its hospital days as a library and dormitory. It now awaits new occupation as the redevelopment is drawing to a close. At least there has been some effort in the new build either side to retain the hospital's character.


A few gravestones have been uncovered due to the redevelopment, with the remaining ones hidden under a small forest. I doubt few on this sprawling development of ludicrously overpriced units, would give them a second thought. The ill thought out apartment conversion of the main chapel is in the background.


And a death on the farm?

Thanks for looking folks :)​


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