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A couple of months back I got a text of Chauffeur something along the lines of 'lets meet up again so I can show him some drains', I figured Leeds was a good starting point. 'Masticator Drain' had been my first experience of taking pictures underground and I have been keen to get back for ages now I know how to use a camera. I sent a few messages round the usual north east bunch to try and find a date to suit the majority to fill the car, before long we were heading down south to Leeds. I’d also message MJS and JST as we were coming to their turf and figured it would be as good a time as any to meet up, in turn they messaged others and so on and before you knew it there were 12 of us (Me, Goan, Marlboroman, The Surfer, Forsaken, Ojay, MJS, WoodBurner, Mstarmatt, JST, Chauffeur, Thompski) wadered up heading underground.

We figured it was a case of head down to the outfall then pictures on the way back so we could go at whatever pace and those who hadn’t been before could see it all then grab the shots on the way back once they had decided which bits to photograph.

From the chosen entry point to the outfall its about 2 miles, not all underground there are a few above ground sections, which were walked through with all the stealthyness of 12 overly exited explorers with a green laser pointer, a loud hailer and overpowered torches (including WB’s HID modded searchblaster).

After much walking it was time for the group shot, which somehow took forever to do, but it was all fun (note one person behind the cameras pressing all the buttons (has no one else heard of remotes?).

After the group shot, most of the group headed back up stream. Me, the Surfer and chauffeur hung back to get some more pics at the lower end.







We then caught up with Forsaken, Goan and Marlboroman who had been busy lighting the best part of 100 tea-lights, whilst the rest had headed on not to be seen again. Needless to say we were in this section for some time. (compulsory safety note: dont light fires in drains)


Then the torrential rain hit outside (hence lack of shots from other sections) and started pouring into the drain from all manner of pipes that were not given a second look on the way down, the water turned murky, fast flowing and more importantly was rising. So, after a few more pictures, we headed upstream out of the main lower section. Once out we figured it would be more fun to carry on through the culverts upstream knowing that if it got too deep we could always retreat back to an exit. Eventually we decided to bail out after a couple of people fell in (due to no longer being able to see where the channel was as the water level was over it and flowing fast).

An enjoyable memorable exploration, thanks all who came.
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