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Report - Mayfield Station - Manchester - March 2015


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Ello, wanted to get into this place for awhile, at first glance there wasn't a way in, after returning a few months later and attempting it again we managed to find a few points of access. We visited this place twice, the first one was a quick look then the second one was a more in depth look with camera :) The visits were rather good, the first one being rather short and the second one was the full explore, as far as I'm aware we got through about 90% of the place.

Manchester Mayfield is a former railway station in Manchester, England. It is located on the south side of Fairfield Street, next to Manchester Piccadilly station. Opened in 1910, Mayfield was constructed as four-platform relief station adjacent to Piccadilly to alleviate overcrowding. In 1960, the station was closed to passengers and in 1986 it was permanently closed to all services.

After years of abandonment and many proposed development schemes, the station roof was dismantled in February 2013. The site was used for Manchester International Festival in July 2013. Planning permission was granted for conversion of the station to an entertainment venue in November 2013.

There is some beautiful Wikipedia history for you :)













Glad I bought a camera now! Thanks to ACID- REFLUX for the camera tips, really want a camera with a wider lense and longer exposure time, as 8 seconds seems to go rather fast.



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Liking the penultimate shot alot mate it is very nice indeed, you seem to be doing just fine with your new clobber.
Aye, liked a few of the roof shots, was abit of a pain with the orange lights but they kinda added some effect, its not too bad of a camera just exposure time for light painting could be higher to get most shadows out of some pictures!

Cheers man :)

The Kwan

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If 8 seconds is the max exposure, it may be worth cranking the ISO up if you can because that might help to get a lighter image. Perhaps you could do what Lenston does and put it on the firework setting for any dark shots...seems to work good, running man setting and lady in a hat setting for everything else :D
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Snake Oil

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looks alright that, especially with only 8 seconds at your disposal :) I've never noticed all that pikey spaghetti on the stairs in other reports, I'm guessing they've had another go through the place?


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Well done mate. Until i got your text today i thought you"d given this up or was impaled on some Scottish Security fencing somewhere, or more likely Bradford had scared you too much ;)

Have to have another chat next time we meet, if you bring the camera with you lol

Not seen this place for a while i thought it was gone TBH Ditto the step shot it reminds me of Clayton Hospital lol thanks for posting mate :)


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I spent ages trying to negotiate my way through a 'shit ton' of Barbed wire only to hit this wall where I gave up. :(


Mr Reality Hacker
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Nice report m8ty was one heck of a good night. Shame we didn't get that crane/building done lol.


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WHP there in July who's coming haha :D be fun being there again seeing it so differently


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Forgot to try the cranking up of iso last night, went out and tried some photos with green glowsticks wasnt the best but one or two looked alright!

Yeh looks like they have, its my first time being there so never knew what it looked like in the past unfortunatly, yehh 8 seconds isnt too bad just sat there with a torch flying about the room ;)

Still need to replan scotland trip, hopefully the car wont breakdown this time ;) yeh, need to meet up again sometime soon and ill bring the camera, have a good tutorial with ya! Bradford wasnt that scary ;) just abit prickly, would be nice to return and get some night shots but thats just suicide i guess. No worries man :) was pretty impressed that it hasnt been posted since 02/14.

First time i went i couldn't get around much of the barb but finally found a few ways ;)

Aye, will have to go back and scout manchester again, always something new to get into!

Didnt see a pallet tower there so i suppose thats long gone

Dont think WHP own this place anymore yanno!

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