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Report - Mayfield Station Manchester - May & July 12


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Mayfield Station - Manchester​
Yay, yet another Mayfield report I hear you cry, and yes I know this sites on it's last legs as reports go, but I like it and that's all that matters :D
Visited on two occasions, first with jbl.bass and more recently with a non member, who though we were going out on the piss..oh how I laughed when he ruined his expensive jeans​

A bit of history

Mayfield Station opened on the 8th August 1910. Built alongside Manchester London Road station (later Piccadilly) to handle an increased number of trains and passengers following the opening of the Styal Line in 1909. The site was converted into a parcels depot in 1970, but closed in 1986 when Parcelforce of Royal Mail decided the future lay in road haulage not rail.

It gained a loose fame in the nineties, in the closing scenes of Prime Suspect 5 when Helen Mirren failed to take her clothes off while getting her hands on a nasty drug-dealer, and more recently It was also used as a double for Sheffield railway station in The Last Train.

The building is split into two main sections, the lower floors housing Mayfield storage, and the upper levels which are the platforms and ticket offices, part of which was gutted by a fire in 2005.


After some rather comedy access thanks to the hard-work of network rail , we were into the storage depot


Some rather uninspiring graffiti


The rooms within the ground floor are trashed, however the toilets appear to have been used fairly recently, anyone care to own up ?




Access ramp blocked, but after a clumsy exit from the warehouse that could have woken the dead, we stumbled upon...


This ! :)



Love the roof in this place, not much glass left but very nice


Looking down the buffers towards the Piccadilly main-line


caught short


Old street level access, or down from the station towards a booking office with a cardboard floor and another warehouse


With the light failing, its was time to get up onto..


The roof

Thanks for looking


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