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Report - Mayfield train station, Manchester - Feb 2012

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Manchester Mayfield was built in 1910 by the London & North Western Railway. It closed in 1960 and remained derelict for a decade. It subsequently enjoyed a spell as a Royal Mail parcel depot but later returned to dereliction, and was damaged by fire in 2005. Mayfield is now a crumbling reminder of its former glory, its track beds consumed by weeds. (The image above shows Mayfield Station in use during 1959, while the ornate tiling is similar to the deserted Victoria Baths, also in Manchester.) In 1999, Manchester Mayfield briefly came back to life – or not, depending on how you look at it – to serve as a stand-in for Sheffield Railway Station in the television drama The Last Train. On the show, survivors of a meteor strike explored a post-apocalyptic Sheffield inhabited only by a pack of rabid dogs. We just hope Mayfield station’s brief small-screen fame isn't the last we see of it. but looks that way as demolition started.

We visited this site on 24/02/13 and what a site, when we arrived looked quite open and era, when we walked to the far end where waiting rooms were was a great explore the stairway to the main entrance that leads out onto fairfield street was not pleasant the smell of decay was overpowering but ey hold your breath and off you go, Hope you like as much as we did, BTW this is my first ever shoot.












hope you enjoyed as much as we did for the full pics taken on the day goto link below

Mayfield Train Station Unused Photos by Ant_DaddyDon_Meehan | Photobucket


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