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Report - Maynard's Toffee Factory, Newcastle, March ‘10


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Unless you're into minging piles of serious dereliction or chimneys, then this place won't be of much interest, so probably isn't the best choice for a first post. Though if you read down, and follow the links, you’ll see an interesting high-rise photo op exists at present, despite it not being a viable explore for much longer as it’s currently under redevelopment into an office space for graphic design, software engineers and architects.

It had been totally derelict for nearly 20 years, and for the last few years it's been quite tightly locked up, and rails were put up as the rest of Lower Steenberg's yard was cleared. I can't quite figure why the structurally dodgy bits of Maynards were left up, as they are really dangerous. A couple of the fellas involved in the redev got squashed recently, so I’m glad I didn’t push my luck when I was there. As far as I know, no-one had bothered to go in for a couple of years, despite the lure of the chimney. I have a vague recollection of someone telling me a couple of folks from here on 28DL were the last people to visit, but I couldn't find a report (possibly 'cos it's a minging pile and the report got binned...).

There wasn’t much to see in there to be honest, but it always struck me as a possible venue for fannying about doing light painting, so I went to check it out, and it's OK. Only got to do one hurried session there, the woolflinging made the (admittedly lax) security think someone was in there with an angle grinder. The main attraction was undoubtedly the chimney, which I wussed out of ascending a short way due to the general dodgyness of the rungs after a few feet up, and the fact that it was a solo visit made the option of ending up broken not too attractive.

The current state of play is being monitored by the folks on skyscrapercity.

Bit of history:- The buildings started life as part of the cattle sanatorium built in 1870, though parts of Lower Steenberg's yard are obviously much older than that, with some of them possibly being the remains of some of the 17thC glassworks, but the main structure is that which was converted to a toffee factory in 1906.

Here are the pics, for what they're worth.


The view from the ground floor.


The upper floor.


Inside. Empty.


Also empty.


Not much here either...


Remains of the ovens.


Tunnels into the bottom of the chimney.


The bottom of the chimney.


Looking up the chimney.


Structurally unsound.


Imitating an angle grinder.


Gratuitous orbage.

So there you go. If anyone were in the area, the chimney currently has lots of scaffolding and would offer a chance for some nice pics of the river and the ouseburn.


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