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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I'm know that this place has been covered in previous threads, but I'm new to Urbexing and wanted to share what is my first real venture into this.

McDougall's Flour Mill is about 20 minutes from me so it was the ideal location to start. Easy entry into the grounds and is very quiet. Once through the gate it was immediately obvious that I wasn't going to get inside unless I was Eugene Victor Tooms.....or had a 30 foot ladder. Great looking building though. The (what I assume) warehouse opposite door was open and had a little wander round. I was there for about 30 minutes and saw no-one.

I believe in 2015 it was up for auction and planning permission was granted for a riverside development via conversion and redevelopment to provide a total of 25 flats but as of 2018 it remains the property of nature.









I call bullshit!
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Not bad that mate. The Black and white suits places like this.

Can you put an approx location (town or city) and month / year of your visit in the title though please, as per forum rules.

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