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Report - McEwan Hall and The Hub, Edinburgh - May 2012


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Ok, my first report so here goes...

I've been climbing onto rooftops and the like for a while, and lurking here for some of that time, but now that I finally own a camera I can hopefully start doing plenty reports. Getting to know my camera was the main purpose of this visit, so sadly most of the photos are terribad.

McEwan Hall

I'd never been on this roof before but, after a tip from Chiroptera that it was currently accessible, I decided it'd be a nice spot to try out my camera.

The McEwan Hall is located in Bristo Square of Edinburgh, and is the University's graduation hall. It was built for that purpose in 1897, a gift from William McEwan of the McEwan's Brewery fame, which I know a few people here have explored.

Beginning with a shot of it during the day, on a standard Edinburgh Spring day (apologies for the raindrop):


And from the top of the dome, Edinburgh castle on the left and The Hub on the right:

A closer shot of The Hub, my next destination (sorry for the quality):

Most of the other photos I took up there I've scrapped, I've learnt that either my tripod is too bad or I move too much for clear shots at the exposure time I was trying. So onto The Hub

The Hub

The Hub was built for the Church of Scotland around 1840, but no longer operates as a church and instead the home of the Edinburgh Fringe. Another tip put me in the direction of this climb, this time from ken2000ac. Scaff goes up about 2/3 of the building as you can see in the photo below:


Well, by the time I got there the Sun was threatening to rise, so I was only on site for 20mins tops. But holy cow what a view, can't recommend it enough. Sadly the scaffolding is only down one side, so it doesn't offer 360d sights, but still loved being up there. Again my shots didn't come out so well, but a couple are passable:



So yea, my only hope is you can see the potential from these shots and if you're around Edinburgh then both sites are definitely worth a visit.

Thanks to chiroptera and ken4000ac for the heads up on these two, a highly enjoyable night it was.

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