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Report - Meanwood Park Hospital, Leeds - October 2018


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Travelled here with a few other explorers, in the couple weeks where it a massive attraction and we met multiple other explorers inside the building and as we were leaving. Not 200% certain but according to some local explorers, they found a body inside a few weeks after we went. Apparently it was on the news but I couldn't seem to find any articles.(?)

Meanwood Park Hospital

I would usually write some history of some sort here, but for this one take a look at this super website, which I don't feel worthy enough to copy and paste from; it is slightly similar to the one of Sunnyside.


The building explored here is the final one of the once huge asylum site. It is now surrounded by a new estate taking the place of the many buildings of different functions. We didn't expect it to be not vandalised due to the multiple smashed windows, and access point. Nevertheless, we welcomed the stunning decay particularly on the central staircase and ceiling.

Some old pictures to start


Inside the building, we found the main attraction pretty quickly.

Looking back towards the entrance hall

Looking up

Upstairs, there was many large but empty rooms, however a few room had some interesting items in.

That's all for that. Here you can find my documentary styled video of the site. We cover the asylum's past, present and future through cinematics and narration:

Thanks for reading :)


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I cannot believe no one spotted that. That was spotted in the staircase photo. Its a demon cat with a beard, and has horns. What ever it is, looks very evil.



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Amazing how good a state that bedroom is in. What a beautiful building

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