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Report - Medieval Castle/Water Tower Alhaurin Spain

smax man

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Hi all
Here is my first ever exploration and I can’t seem to find it on here so here’s hoping it’s a first. Whilst on a holiday it was just over on the next hill top so no great need to travel, access to the site was easy and as ever the locals had already gained access to the building so a short hill climb and walked straight in. Half the tower is the water tower and I would guess the rest would have been offices and function rooms with a lift shaft already in place. I could see into the water tower part but was unable to get in there or take any good photos (sorry).
From the research I have done on this it is on the site of a proposed golf course and the water tower was built to irrigate this but disguised as a Medieval Castle. This was also used in the ill-fated BBC soap Elderado.







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