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Report - Medlock culvert & Drain - Manchester 13/4


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Figured the done thing on an easter weekend is to visit a river, so I decided to christen my Lidl waders.

Starting at the Medlock culvert I fancied an exploratory wade into town to see what I found on the way. Here are the pics!

The infamous log

Steps were throwing out a lot of water today

After this came a very long boring wade, not much to see. Couple of bridges


Success! Sort of.....square concrete is dull.

I began to become tired and on the verge of giving up, I found a pipe under a bridge! Air wasn't too bad so up I went. Lots of noise. Good good. Not knowing much about drains, I found this...

Is this a penstock control? Was connected to a gate that would divert the slightly smelly water down to the river when closed. I was pretty tired by now, it took me 2 hours to wade to this point so I decided to find out more and come back later, not fancying my chances alone. Took one final cheesy pic and decided to take the over ground route back to the car.


Did I find the entrance to a known drain? Would appreciate any enlightenment....


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