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Report - Medlock Culvert - Manchester - Mar 14


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Medlock Culvert - Manchester​

Now I must have been down here a dozen times with various members, but still no report..so at a loose end I decided to take another poke.

Medlock Culvert sits just down river from big Humpty, along the 'red river' so called because of the red bricked channel that meanders its way
through Philips park, although sadly the council are in the process of ripping the whole thing out.

The culvert itself is a fair old size and runs directly under the council owned City of Manchester stadium (Etihad)
which is where it smells faintly of s**t :D

She boasts a few nice features including a big poo chute and an overflow from the canal where the water cascades down stone steps.


Fairly unassuming exterior as the culvert cuts under the main road, but it soon turns into good old victorian brickwork


grippers on either side, meant wellies would have sufficed...however I like the smell of waders in the morning :)


Looking back towards the in-fall from the small poo processor


Poo-chute which leads through to a small overflow, nowt exciting


thought i'd have a play with the torches


This is my favourite feature, nice and steady flow today, but I've seen torrents in the past


Down river towards the outfall, it gets really deep and silted past here, I should know as I took a swim last time out :eek:


One of my favourite strolls and well worth a wander if you're in the area...Ta for looking​

Oh and if you do fancy a look, drop me a message, there's something else round here worth a gander ;)


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Well in cocker, nice lighting.:thumb Would I be right in assuming there's 2 of the 'something else'?? ;)


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Cracking looking place!
Have often looked down from the main road at this.


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28DL Full Member
Seen this many times while walking duke my husky iv been so meaning to check it out acs looks easy from the phillips park side you'd have to absail from the opposit end as you would no of course .iv walk the medlock all through beswick ect but not done the culverts yet. Nice pics
We had a good laugh thinking it was Ojay. Although I suspect he wasn't very amused :D

Anyway, you still haven't given me the rechargeable batteries for my torch - the one's you promised long time ago :)

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