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Report - Medmenham Water Research Labs - October 2013


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History Borrowed from Contours 2012 report.

1927 The Water Pollution Research Board (WPRB) began work in the UK.
1940 The Water Pollution Research Laboratory (WPRL) was set up in the UK. During the Second World War, varied research projects included effluent problems of munitions plants and development of a field kit for RAF life rafts that rendered seawater drinkable.
1961 WRA moves to its headquarters in Medmenham.
1999 WRc-NSF formed as a joint venture between WRc plc and NSF International encompassing the Laboratories at Medmenham and the Evaluation and Testing Centre in Oakdale.
2004 Testing of materials for water contact moved from Medmenham to the Evaluation and Testing Centre in Oakdale, creating a single laboratory for all testing of water fittings.
2006 The Chemical analysis and Consultancy Groups move from Medmenham to new laboratories in Reading.

So it was a cold morning in late October; still fairly depressed in life, but up for urbex as ever! We decided to visit this derp after visiting a school derp.

Big thanks to Downsy for doing the driving, and suggesting the site. The place is TRASHED but it was still a good mooch for 2 hours or so. It looks to have had some money spent on it in places, probably not long before closure too. With my lovely 10-20 in for repairs at the time, it was back to the kit lens!












More of this derpie derp derp derpy doo at:

Medenham Water Research Lab - a set on Flickr

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