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Report - Megatron, Sheffield May 2010


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Visited with my cousin who isn't a 28DL member.

I'm sure you all know about this place but to recap:

Megatron is a culverted section of the river Sheaf, just before it joins the river Don in Sheffield city centre. It goes underneath the railway station first, briefly comes to the surface before going underground again beneath ponds forge and the park square roundabout.

Anyway, entrance was comedy. Waiting for the bus stop full of people to bugger off so we could leap the fence and get in, then fumbling about in the bushes getting waders on while trying not to be seen. :D

We entered via the porter brook junction which joins the river Sheaf directly under the railway station, the sound of trains rumbling overhead shits you up every time! :eek:

For most of the time there are 3 tunnels separated by stone arches, so if the water gets too deep you can simply "Change Lanes" as we did many times.

After the first section ends and you have a deep-water wader experience in the open air, it returns to the 3-tunnel thing again for a while then towards the end they all join together to form an absolutely massive chamber with a huge parabolic brick arch in the middle of it, this was just an awesome sight to behold and honestly the pictures do not do it justice... Speaking of which. :)

Waterfally bit near the entrance.

Ankle-breaking rubbly shit!

Myself at the end of the first section before deep waderage onto the next bit.

Me under the awesome arch, this was just incredible...

Money shot... this is my cousin.

Enjoy. :)

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