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Report - Megatron, Sheffield, October 2017


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Megatron is a large Victorian storm drain in Sheffield. It’s taken me a fair while to make it down here, in spite of exploring places for a number of years AND living in Sheffield. It was, in fact, a photo of the drain named after a Transformer that was the reason I first stumbled upon this very website, years ago. At the time, us Sheffielders looking to explore locally were spoilt for choice: George Barnsleys, the Courts, Loxley Chapel, Dysons, the underground Medical Centre, Canons, St Vincent’s, etc etc etc... As I ticked each site off my list, one by one, soon extending my derelict addiction beyond the boundaries of the city, Megatron somehow remained at the bottom, probably because it could be relied upon to always be there, waiting...

It was worth the wait; this is an impressive drain with plenty to see on the route. Explored with @Sheard who, being temporarily without waders, put up with breached wellies on a number of occasions as I failed to point out the deep bits.

Climbing down into the river a bit before the main entrance, the first tunnel was a bit of a stooper, with a network of spiderwebs making this possibly the slowest progress of the whole walk. At the end we bypassed this bit by climbing out nearer the station.



Entering the tunnels, water was flowing steadily, and fairly shallow. The forecast was for sun all day, although this hadn’t stopped a bit of rain falling on the way into town. Turning left, we set off on our way under the station.


The rumble of trains and the sound rushing water in the first bit later makes way for quieter scenes further down.


There’s a slight descent, as the tunnels split into three parts, all heading in the same direction.



Some nice stonework on display...




Part way down, there’s an open section, with an archive piece of graffiti by Horace....




Back under cover, more stonework...



Fairly sure I'm now getting these photos in the wrong order, but oh well...


Look, another photo...


And it’s not long until we finally set eyes on the big bit at the end. Even when you know what’s coming, seeing the high roof in person is something else. Taking photos is a challenge, not just lighting the thing but also managing with the light coming from the open end of the drain at the other end. (Already planning a return visit in the dark to get around this issue.)




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Always nice to this this pop up on here :thumb
You caught this well, sometimes lighting up a place like this can be difficult, but you've smashed it :thumb

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