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Report - Megatron, Sheffield - Sept 2012


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Bit of a group trip this one - visited with BAJ, Jazzywheelz, LeedsExplorer & Ravenwing93.

Another of the many chances that I've had lately to meet new people and equally as enjoyable as the rest. The five of us met in a shady car park in Sheffield before descending into the depths covered in rubber and duct tape. We didn't get to the end and made an executive decision to return to the cars as the tickets were running out soon, or so we thought. Fun was had by all, history and pictures follow.

The city of Sheffield derives its name from the Sheaf; the river which was culverted beneath the city's streets in the 1860's. Until the 17th century the name Sheaf was written as Scheth or Sheath. Sidney Oldall Addy equates the origins of this word with the Old English shed (as in water-shed) or sheth, which mean to divide, or separate. Historically, the Sheaf—along with its tributaries the Meers Brook and the Limb Brook—formed part of the border separating the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Mercia and Northumbria; it remained on the border between Yorkshire and Derbyshire into the 20th century.







That's as far as we got that day, maybe we'll finish it off another day when I have a torch that actually works.

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