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Report - Meir Social Club, Stoke on Trent - May 2017


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May 2017

I've not managed to get out for a while and with the warm evenings we've had I decided to play this small venue a visit. The Meir Social and Sports club closed in mid 2015 with plans being submitted to demolish the current building and replace it with 17 homes and a smaller club. The site consists of the main club building with several function rooms, 2 bowling greens and a series of storage garages at the rear of the site. the upstairs of the property is pretty much gutted due to a fire that destroyed upper floor in October 2016. However the ground floor was in pretty good condition with many original feature still in tact. From the outside the club looks like it is going to be a shel but inside you'll find a office complete with files full of former members details and piles of photographs from various events held at the club, anyway on with the photos.
















Cheers for looking.​


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Nice one Gronk, it's a shame we only ever seem to find out about these clubs via the newspaper article describing the inevitable fire that's engulfed the place. Looks interesting nonetheless!

Choo Choo m8ty

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Nice one @GRONK m8ty . Yep we deffo need get back out. After I've been London kk m8ty.. Good stuff

scotty markfour

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sounds like the story of many social clubs in the uk , i recently did the ESWA CLUB in birkenhead which also had a fire , great pics n story @GRONK


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Hello, I'm a Starter Urban Explorer, I lIve In Stoke and looking for a place to start. Can you please or anyone tell me the current Condition of this building.