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Last time I saw one sell, I'm sure it was for about £5000 and in much better condition...


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28DL Full Member
21 k fucking barmy price for that its well fucked and given its location theres no way i would want to try and restore it as it would be constantly broken in to


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28DL Full Member
It has a 'lobby'? Never heard it described as that before! Easy access to the main road, doesn't mention how far to the nearest station, or local schools though. Not exactly sure you'd get planing permission for anything there, or be able to build anything of a reasonable size on a plot so small. I'm a bit surprised that 0.075 of an acre is worth that much in that part of the country.


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28DL Member
I saw this the other week when I was looking at how much they are fetching now, what a price for such a wreck.. I see a few lately have fetched 15 - 20K seriously concideing selling mine....

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