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Report - - Melbourne ROC Post, Derbyshire Group, 30/03/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Melbourne ROC Post, Derbyshire Group, 30/03/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this post today, and although its an easy one to find! The whole post is covered in a mass of heavy thick brambles that cuts you to pieces, and thats before, you have to find a way in through some thick thorn bushes:eek:
I wasn't expecting to get inside this one especially since previous reports have said its locked, this still proved to be still correct:(
Anyway after cutting myself to shreds, I stamped back some of the brambles to get some photos and a better look at some of the sub surface structure, which still survives. Who ever owns this post obviously does not look after the exterior:mad: I hope its not an indication of what the interior is like?


The entrance is still locked with one padlock, but this is fairly well rusted up, so I do not think anyone has been down the post for some time.


The air vent attached to the side of the entrance has been smashed off and is laying by the side, also some one has had a go at chiselling out the side of the entrance shaft but to not much avail, scumbags:mad: The green hose comes up through the vent and strangely the interior of the hose was wet? As if some one had been pumping water out through it:crazy


This strange hole was directly in line with the steps? Haven't a clue why:crazy


After trampling back the brambles I managed to uncover the main air vent in remarkably good condition.


Bomb Power Indicator Baffle Plate lurks amongst those "Bloody brambles":mad:

Also met 3 other 28 D/L members at the post who were also doing a "Recce".:thumb Sorry guys have forgotten your names but you know who you are:thumb Nice to meet you, hope you had a better day than I did:)

Mr Sam

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Melbourne ROC Post, Derbyshire Group, 30/03/08 Report

well myself goldie87 and mattdonut decided to pop here after a failed attempt at spondon, just standing in the layby deciding where it must be another car pulls up and a chap jumps out 'your not looking for an ROC post are you' :D so good to meet you :thumb

unfortunatly as said its heavily overgrown and locked down, still has some half decent views to make up for that

subbrit shows a decent post back in 2000 but bobbleheads report from 2005 shows it trashed im assuming it was locked after that


Tankman attacks the brambles to reveal the ventilation shaft

View attachment 104274


View attachment 104275

view from standing on top of the hatch

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