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Report - Men at Wörk - DE 2012


Germany is the "wurst"
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Here's a little bitty tidy one that I snuck into a few days ago, courtesy of the gentlemen at Retarded Tours B.V.

It's been visited a few times, but I promised some colleagues of mine who are very fond and protective of this one that I would not give any specifics, including what it is, as it would make it too easy to find, and it's apparently at pretty serious risk of being gefuckt by the irresponsible people who gefuck such things. So I take full responsibility for being a lamer and apologize sincerely and profusely. Seriously, I know it's really stupid. It's a factory, it closed down, it's in the process of being ripped apart.

That said, it's quite small and not terribly epic - an industrial terrain that's mostly raped but with this teensy little gem hidden away in an incongruous corner that I would have never worked out otherwise. There's really just this one awesome centerpiece, and if you figure out what it is, I respectfully ask that you keep it to yourself. <3







And the star attraction:


No pics on kosmograd, because I broke it. Piece of crap. Dammit.
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