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Lead or Rumour info - Mentmore Towers - Bucks


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28DL Full Member
Mentore Towers, I live close so did some investigation:
Belonging to Mentore Towers LTD, owned by Simon Halibi, in liquidation.
Plan was to convert the Towers into a hotel / corp events centre etc.
I think the golf course is a seperate buisness venture, not sure if related.
The Towers are G2 listed and currently on the English Heritage 'At Risk' register.
Note, Active Mentmore Golf and Country club share the same grounds.

The building is vacant but secured by 'A1'...?
The grounds are littered with remote PIR sensors and 360degree camera's.
An aquaintance of mine did visit the site to collect this information but security were on the scene within 30minutes.
He did state that on entering the site, a suspicious single dog bark occuring every 10 seconds suggested an alarm had been triggered...
Security arrived shortly afterwards. (Yikes)...