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Report - Merchiston Hospital, Johnstone, Scotland.


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This place is minutes from me and always creeped me out when I was young. My mum used to tell me it was a home I'd be sent to if I misbehaved. Ha. We only done around a quarter of the buildings. Spent a good 2-3 hours in the maintenance building looking at blueprints of the buildings. Plan on doing alot more another time, including the morgue and lecture theatre.







Hope to do more of it really soon.



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More, yes!








Interesting - I had a look around here a few months ago, but it was all sealed up tight so I didn't get any internals...
You should definitely check it out again, mate.



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That glasses photo to great :thumb


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some lovely photos there mate, looks like you have captured the place well. I look forward to more photos if you manage to nail the other bits. Nice one, not heard of this place before :thumb


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Hi Philpo,

You must be near me because this place is near me and you're near it :p

Can you re-upload the pictures? They're not showing any more :(

Did you ever see the old underground nuclear shelter up on the Bridge of Weir golf course?


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I never saw the bunker in Bridge of Weir, no. Is it still there?

I'm stuck on a different computer just now and unfortunately locked out of my Flickr account, so I can't re-upload at the moment. The images are still showing here on my side though...


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Actually, they work fine on my phone, it must just be my work's network that blocks Flickr.

The hatch to get down inside it is still there but it is now sealed up. I found it a few years ago and made the mistake of telling a friend who has some shady friends. They camped out in it and stuff (even though it was horrible!) so I'm assuming the golf course owner clocked on to people climbing in and out of the ground and now it's welded shut.

You can still see the hatch... If you go up Prieston Road, right to the top past the golf club pub then the next right which is like a farm road. Up that round about a mile there is an old barn type structure for storing the rollers for the green. If you walk on to the golf course and head to the woods nearest the road it's hidden in amongst them.

It was small and there wasn't much to see but no one had been in it until I found it so it was undamaged and had sealed bottles of potassium iodide liquid (to prevent the body's absorbtion of nuclear radiation!!).