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Report - Meriden ROC Post - Warwickshire - Oct 2011


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I have been checking in on this post for a very long time, ever since I got started in Exploring, back in 2004/5 and it has always been concrete capped.

In April, Riemann visited and the cap had been hacked off.

Before this visit I had FSM cammed the post so I knew it was pretty tidy and dry, so I went for a looksee and hey presto with a bit of lifting the hatch does open. Although if you are going to visit, I would suggest going with a friend because the hatch doesnt stay open very well and if it shut while you were in there, I dont think you could open it from the inside its that heavy.

Anywho, first pictures were from the original FSM cam, and then the latter wider pictures are from my visit today. Unfortunately the Teletalk has gone missing, however the rest of the post seems very tidy and in good condition.







turk ;)


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I drive past this place on my way home from work every day!

I'll check it out...wonder if it's changed much in 4 years.


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28DL Full Member
One of the better condition ones by far! From the pics it looks like an odd location for a ROC, all other ones iv seen have been high up at top of hills,never seen one on the flats

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