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Report - Meridian Waterside Construction Site - Southampton - July 2019


Beauty isn’t always perfection
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So this was a bit of a different one for us, not our usual abandoned decayed building, we had just taken a loss on revisiting a previous location with a mate when we were confronted with a very large Alsatian and secca, on our way back we noticed the construction site with crane, the sun was setting and it looked bloody stunning, so we made the decision to swing by and try to access the crane, we found this was right next to the secca hut and would have been in full view of the guy, so decided to climb the building instead and get rooftop views, if this isn’t allowed can admin please remove :thumb

Bit of info on the build

As part of a major regeneration, Meridian Waterside will dramatically enhance the River Itchen waterfront, creating a dynamic new destination for riverside living. Integrating this former site of Meridian Television with the city centre, Meridian Waterside will feature a wide range of properties - from penthouse apartments with spectacular views, to family homes with space to grow - all in a striking new environment combining exciting architecture with verdant landscaping, courtyard gardens, a new riverside walkway and public parkland. This exceptional new development will also play host to commercial premises including a proposed retail store.

Was definitely a beautiful sunset, could of stayed up there all night!










Beauty isn’t always perfection
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What a nice view on a lovely day! Good stuff!
It really was stunning, took me a while to work up the courage to go right to the top, terrified of heights but I’m glad I did, was worth it