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Report - Merrivale Quarry - Then and Now


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Merrivale Quarry was the first derelict/abandoned place I ever photographed, so although it wasn't much even when I first went, it was nice to go back again. Today, I was out taking photos on a cross-Dartmoor trip, including going back to Merrivale Quarry.

I use these forums a lot to find new places to photograph that I'd not known about, but a lot of the reports are so old now that places listed can be completely gone. I thought for other newcomers it might be worthwhile to give an update on the older reports from here.

For reference, photos from my first visit a few years ago (2015? 2014 maybe?) can be seen here: Merrivale Quarry

And here's a little comparison between how it was then, and how it looks now. It's completely gutted!

When I first visited, a lot had already gone. I know from the reports that first led me there, that it used to have a crane. But now, it's just shells of most of the buildings, and a load of the cool electrical stuff and other equipment have been removed.

As soon as I saw the missing walls on the barns, I walked up around the top to see an overview of the place.

There's some new graffiti since I last saw it. Mainly just some big tags, but I quite like the 'be yourself' one. ^.^

And then the nice new shiny red signs. These definitely weren't there before!

And there's still a couple of bits and pieces left around that haven't been removed, but nowhere near as many as when I first visited.

So there we have it in all its (former) glory. It's kinda sad for me, as it was the first place I ever explored and photographed. Hopefully this update might help someone not to make a wasted trip based on out of date reports.

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