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I found out about this place from an old Subbrit post. There was no recent information on the site so I thought I'd go investigate.
It was a failed trip as the place looked locked up tight and it appeared to be lived on.
Maybe next time when I'm feeling a bit ballsier I'll get a little closer.

History stolen from Subbrit
Originally constructed as an Anti Aircraft Command operations room in 1951, and disused in 1960. It formed part of the Pendell Army Camp which was removed to make way for the M23.

The bunker is situated adjacent to the London-bound carriageway of the M23 at junction 8 at the bottom of an embankment. The radio array can be seen from the motorway.

The site was taken over by the Home Office in the early 1960s and allocated to the Metropolitan Police as its southern war headquarters, and remained so until 1991, when it was partially stripped out. Some equipment was still in place when visited by Sub Brit members in 1995.

The bunker was sold in Autumn 2001 but nothing was done on the site and it was used for grazing gypsy horses. The bunker has now been sold again and ongoing work is now taking place.

A similar bunker is situated at the Metropolitan Police training centre at Lippetshill, Essex, which was intended for controlling the northern part of London in wartime.


The site appeared to be lived in, a fairly clean looking BMW was parked next to the caravan, so my guard was immedieatly up for people about. It looked like it is owned by gypsies now. There was rubbish everywhere too.






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The most recent update I could find was in 2005 which was:

'I have been keeping my eye on the Pendell Army Camp/Merstham AAOR over
the two years or so.

Between March 2004 and August 2004 the site was badly vandalized. The
padlock has been cut off the gate in the metal fence surrounding the
actual bunker allowing access into the inner compound. The arial has
been pulled down and was lying on the roof. The padlock has been cut
off the outer blast door which was open however the inner blast door is
locked. Graffiti has been sprayed on the wall of the bunker near the
rear exit and some of the ventilation louvres have been damaged.

It would appear that in early 2005 the bunker was sold and the new
owner moved in. The earth mound blocking entry into the outer compound
from the road has been removed and there are various signs up saying
"Private Property dogs Loose." There are various caravans, mini buses,
taxis, skips, lorries and plant in the outer compound.

In September 2005 I saw a contractor going into the outer compound and
he stated that the new owner was going to turn the bunker into a
"secure storage facility." The contractor was repairing the bunker and
said there was no power to the bunker and that it had been completely

The contractor stated that due to the dogs it would be unwise for
people to wander around the site which was possible previously.'


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Ahh, haven't been up here for ages. Looks like it's been tidied up since I last went.

I remember seeing a police report years ago when this place was raided and found to be full of stolen goods. Bet things haven't changed......


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It couldn't look more post-apocalyptic if you nuked it!


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What's the current state of play with it besides locked tight ?
I'm sure Ordnance will be along soon with more up-to-date info :popcorn
That's about it Ojay. Its privately owned, and not accessible. If it is owned by the travellers on site is another thing, but I would guess it is. Do they pay any Council Tax? is another matter? [one way to check]

Not much to say really, I was driving past it on the M25 the other week, and pointed out to my passenger where it was, but have not seen or heard of it for years. Its privately owned, and not accessible.


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Was there any sign of dogs on this visit? Other than a parked BMW next to a caravan with its curtains closed in daylight, any sign of recent activity at all?


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Must be pretty laud that close to the motorway as well!


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If you carry on past this place and under the M23 you'll find a large traveler camp right up against the motorway. I don't think the noise bothers them :)


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I had a walk round the fence about 4-5 years ago and tbh it looks just the same, but back then there were ratty little dogs trying to get at me through the fence!

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