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Report - Merstham Chaldon quarry/mines


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Hey so I finally got myself down to the area as I'd never been there before, after going down the first smallest pit closest to the junction I came across more of a tipping spot than an old mine entrance it even had asbestos there so not recommended.

So we moved to the second pit named bedlams bank, after finding the locked west wcms entrance we decided to move on.

We walked into another wooded section where here we discovered what looked to be like a recent collapse/dig

So we decided to descend and within minutes we was in, first was a short crawl about a few meters. This is a picture that was shot back towards the entrance.

Once in there was two ways to go either straight toward the road or east towards bedlams, on the wall was the initials of the last people to reopen the mine with the dates 28-2-16 seen here in this picture

Just out of frame to the right was the initials of the last people before that to re-open the mine and if I remember correctly it said the year 1988.

Also seen is two arrows the one facing south said collapse and the other facing east said 200ft.

For some reason there was a tent down there we didn't check what was in there as you had to crawl around the collapse to get there, we pushed further east to only head back as we had no supplies or anything to help us navigate.

That's the collapse crawl

That's the room with the tent




After speaking with a few members from here they have advised me not to go back down there as it's dangerous.

I headed down to this place because two people I personally know said they had been down there 30 years ago as kids and they use to go to the underground lake all the time, after a little reading it seems that that part of the mines have been lost along time ago. But it is something I would love to find.

This is my first ever report so bare with me, thank you for reading. Veg


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the 'underground lake' sounds more like some local legend than something that exists. You were wise to not go in far if uncertain of finding the way out again, its not a good experience being lost in a mine.

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To be fair, it does look sketchy as f*** . I love seeing mines. Yet to do a non permission one. Keep it up, and stay safe