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Lead or Rumour info - Merthyr Hoover Factory, Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales


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Looks like a big site and looks pretty interesting. I did a quick search on here but could find anything. There's a Youtube video that's been filmed in here with it looking very modernized and derelict but some of the site is still in use as a logistics company. I also think this video was filmed in the newer offices across the river Taff which doesn't look like it would be of much interest. The factory it's self looks good and round the back of the site looks very closed.



Looks as though the Welsh government will be buying it in the near future.


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Still in use like you say for logistics and as a Candy distrubution centre.

Security still on the gate and you do see lorries floating about in there during the day.

Used as a film set aswell (Made In Dagenham was filmed there) and for the Welsh Air Ambulance to touch down in the cricket pitch.

The newer Hoover building across the railway tracks in Abercanaid is special in all the wrong ways, 100% doable but completely fucked.


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Got into one of the office buildings back in 2009 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/adders0121/albums/72157619406519308), but was the other side of the river (?) from the live factory, with the bridge connecting the two locked up at the far side.
Yep that’s bit on other side. Some hoover enthusiasts went mental seeing the pics of the old machines and they’re now in a museum up in Brum I think, In one of the basement cupboards was tons and tons of letters/complaints from the free flights giveaway that almost bankrupted the company!

Find it amazing they still use the buildings as a distro building given its location. Can’t be long before they just by a cheap warehouse on the M4 corridor
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