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Hi, I'm currently a student studying sound engineering at London College of Music and I am currently in the process of creating a reverb plug-in for music producers. What differs this reverb plug in from the rest is the fact that it will be using abandoned locations across London, such as old industrial sites etc.

I am currently looking for some help/guidance in order to find good locations that are *relatively* accessible for the creation of this project.
If anyone knows of some good areas in which to look then I would really appreciate any information.
I'm happy to meet with people and scout areas with them if need be thanks.

Thnks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.



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If it's unique audios you want I would suggest looking underground
Drains and disused service reservoirs can have some really strange acoustics


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What’s the benefit of derelict sites ? I’m not London based however UK locations a location finding company may be a good start. Good luck


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You might have success reaching out to industrial and open air museums. Places like Amberly, weald and downland, Bursledon Brickwork, heritage railway ect. The acoustics will be pretty much the same but much less of the problems abandoned sites. You may also find that the volunteers that run them helpful.


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Also studying Sound Technology at uni. Great Idea, not London based so can't advise best but good luck!

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