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Report - methodist Chapel in a Cute Little English Village


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On the way back from our Military Expo, one weekend (see Angel's reports) she said she knew of a “cute little Methodist chapelâ€Â￾ in a small village and might be worth a look-see. We found it with little trouble.

It was the last location of the day. I sent Angel in first - the hard way. The idea being that if there was something in there that was hungry, it would eat her first and I would have her car. Fortunately for her there was nothing in there that thought she was edible. She offered to go and open the easy access route for me. "That's very considerate of you, thanks darling." I was starting to feel a bit exposed there as a land rover drove by and the dog next door barked continuously. Round the corner, and I was in. It was not a complex location, just a single room.


The thing about Methodist churches is that they are very austere. No ornate guilded alters and carved statues. This was kind of disappointing because I felt this overwhelming urge to sacrifice Angel to my God. Also I had left my ceremonial sacrificing scimitar in my other pants so we decided to have a good sing along instead and I gave a rousing sermon. "Get thee behind me you heathen servants of Satan!"


On a more serious note, it was rather strange and eerie really. It was as if the congregation had just up and left the church, leaving prayer books and other things. I was reminded of those movies where most of humanity had just been wiped out by a plague and although civilisation had collapsed, the buildings remained long afterwards until they were consumed by the vegetation and time, testament to the ultimate fragility of existence. You can see how vines had started to encroach upon the sanctity of the chapel. The Stand, Night of the Living Dead, Survivor, Day of the Triffids and of course 28 Days Later come to mind here. I think the pictures speak for themselves.