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Report (Permission Visit) MG Car Graveyard, Royal Wootton Bassett April 2019


grumpy sod
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A couple of years back I got a message through Facebook from someone who had unearthed a large amount of cars sat outside an old workshop which was getting ready to be redeveloped. The owner's friend had recently cut back all of the brambles and assorted undergrowth which had previously covered the vehicles and asked me if I wanted to have a look around before they were removed. The owner specialised in MGs and the story went that all the cars left littering the property were old customer cars bought in part exchange for a different vehicle, they were simply parked up around the building and used for spares as and when needed or, in most cases, simply left to rot. The collection included a couple of extremely rare examples of MG, the pick of the bunch being a 1980 MGB LE Roadster - the last iteration of the car and the last cars ever produced at the factory in Abingdon before it closed in 1980. The example here was one of 420 LE Roadsters produced (there was an additional 580 GTs manufactured to make a run of 1000), and of that 420 it was one of 212 which left the production line with alloy wheels fitted instead of wire wheels. In addition to the MGs there were various other random cars around the site too.

All of the land has now been cleared and a new metal shed erected where the old building once stood. Unfortunately we weren't able to peek inside the building for reasons I can't remember.

Cheers for looking​


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We all know you were not going to turn that opportunity down :D :D

Bikin Glynn

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I remember seeing these somewhere, thats pretty cool, certainly some useable parts there

Calamity Jane

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This is pretty awesome & pretty sad at same time for me. My all time favourite car is the MG Midget, never owned one, but my late father did. He died at 29 in it. I still love them though. Great shots of all the cars. I do like a auto boneyard.


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28DL Full Member
Not an MG fan but i can appreciate them, the Range Rover pains me to see on the other hand! I love how they get more buried the further you go back, wonder how many there are behind those also! Nice photos, abandoned cars are my favourite.

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