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Report - MG Rover Longbridge Sept 16


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28DL Member
Nostalgic, eerie images almost frozen over 11 years on. The white bodyshell gives it a ghostly feel don't you think. Great pics. thanks for sharing.


A life backwards
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Very nice, good to see something fresh from here :)


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28DL Full Member
Phoned honda the other day for some doors for a civic (same shape as the 45/zs) only to be told there isnt any and theres loads here


rebmeM LD82
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I'm amazed that much is still there, they must have only been using a really tiny part of the place for the assembly of whatever it was they were doing there.


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28DL Member
Wow amazing post.

Did you manage to get anymore phots and did you find the tunnels?

I am amazed at how you guys get into these places :Not Worthy


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28DL Member
Good pictures!
When where these taken?
Been down today and found the tunnels but didn't get Time to find a way into the factory if it's still possible!
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