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Report - Mickerbrooker glory culvert, Feb 2012

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I found this infall pretty much by chance whilst walking the dog, so nipped back for my camera and came back for a look.

It does not really seem to show up on maps but the infall is in Abney Hall park, i think Chorlton brook runs through the park so this could be it.

The culvert takes the brook under part of the park, under Manchester road and into Mill lane cemetary where the outfall is, i would guess at it being approx 400ft long ish...

The brook looks like it empties into Micker Brook (hence the name) and then The Mersey.

I wasn't expecting too much, however it was ok for a quick explore and hopefully not bin worthy :D

(1) The Outfall, and the way in, probably 5ft high brick entrance.


(2) Looking back to the outfall


(3) First bend


(4) Bulges in the roof can be seen and the height reduces to something like 4ft, so some stoopage.


(5) Torches.....


(6) Torches.....


(7) Approx 100ft from the Infall, here it gets at least a good foot deep in loose mud and leaves making it very hard to walk as once you plant your foot you can sink at least knee deep, this is where i turned back.


(8) The infall in Abney Hall Park


Cheers for looking :thumb


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