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Report - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - Feb 19


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So I know this one has been reported on to death and that there are far better images of the place on here than mine but I was adamant I was going to visit Talgarth. I won't bore you with repeated history.

I'd heard some rumours about the dreaded security guard in a white van but thought nothing of it. Unfortunately I found out that this dude (I named him Derek) was all too real and though he was actually a self appointed security guard/neighbour of the site, this little old gent was like the friggin Terminator! Did not stop the whole time. We even went round the site to try and get to it via the fields after he'd chased us off only to spot him stomping over the grounds with a German Shepard before we'd even made our move!

So that's unfortunately why this report is painfully sparse at best with both pictures and description. Fucking Derek needs a hobby....

Definitely recommend visiting this place if you get the chance but beware Derek and his severe lack of a social life.

I'll be making a second trip to Talgarth for sure to redeem this minimal report.


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You managed some nice snaps in the time you had there, shame Derek didn't allow a bit longer!
Thanks, I was glad to get any to be honest! We were only in the one building for about 15 minutes before Derek started religiously driving his circuit. Definitely going back again!


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Self appointed ? Tell him to do one
Right?!? Seriously mate, get laid or something! Unfortunately when we arrived, so did a teenage couple who weren't in the least bit quiet or subtle and brought Derek right out of hiding within about 5 minutes. If it's his actual job to guard the place then fair enough but this bloke just had nothing bloody better to do between cups of tea at his house


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The more I read into this and Denbigh the more similar they become
Talgarth has had arguably worse nutcase security than Denbigh for a long time ha. It's also in a much, much worse state structurally thanks to a previous owner removing every single slate from every single roof and selling them for a huge profit!

I've yet to try Denbigh but I've heard the rumours about the owner. Is he just as bad?
Beardy Elwyn is long gone from Denbigh, after his dog bit a potential developer on a visit to the site he was basically told to never come back. When the council completed the CPO Denbigh got a proper fence around it for the first time and a very visible official security guard presence complete with cameras and all that gubbins dotted around.