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At this point I’m sure you’ve all read about Talgarth hospital / asylum so I won’t ramble on about it’s history I just wanted to tell my story and experience visiting. opening in 1903 and closing in 1999 the building has since stood dormant with empty walls and falls slowing crumbling over time, the asylum now stands as just walls, no floors, doors. Nothing just walls and nature.

this past weekend myself, my boyfriend and my friend took a 2 hour journey from Birmingham to Talgarth to see the asylum as we had been on about going for over a year, as many have said the drive is lovley but when entering Talgarth you feel so out of place and judged. We made our way up to the asylum to scout it out and parked our car in a little turn in for Pwll y wrach nature reserve just a 3 minute walk from the asylum itself. On our walk down we saw 2 possible entries one with aNeighbourhood watch sign on a fence so decided to enter though the main roadof the hospital, with it being right next to a row of houses we were a little worried about the residents having a go but no one bothered us until we go to the asylum. My friend being an art student took her camera to take photos, we were stood at the nurses apartments while she took some photos when an elderly man in a navy blue van approached us, I turned and smiled as we were doing no harm and he winds down his window and shouts “aye this is privet land, f**k off you disrespectful c***s” my boyfriend turned and explained that there was no need for such language and that we were only taking photos the man replied with “I don’t care clear off” and drove Off, we turned around and made our way back down the road to make it look as tho we were leaving, we then saw a women stood with a couple and she looked in distress so my boyfriend asked if the man had spoken to them and the girl told us that he used the same language towards her but had also told her to “f**k off back to her own country” and two passing locals had said the same to her, the couple she stood with had told us they’ve visited twice and both times the man in the van had been rude to them and so on. We then asked the women if she wanted to tag along with us to have a look round as the couple were leaving so that’s what we did. We soon realised there were large iron fences and gates surrounding the entire back of the asylum and decided to call it a day, as we were leaving the man came back down again and my boyfriend simply asked if he had anything else to say before we left and the elderly man repeated the language and same slurs over again at which point we all tried to educate him and explain not every visitor to the asylum is going to vandalise it and be disrespectful, we wished him a nice day and carried on, just before leaving we realised we hadn’t tried to get inside of the nurses ward which looked a lot more in tact than the asylum so we turned back to go see if it was accessible at which point we ran into an elderly couple who were both local, we apologised to them incase we disturbed them when arguing with the elderly man and they said not to worry and that it was all he does, they then went on to tell us the history of the hospital and what it was like when it was up and running, they also told us that the road that the asylum sits on is completely open to the public as it acts as a shortcut though to the hills and that if he was to bother us again to tell him “Mr Collins gave us permission to be there” this “Mr Collins” is the man who brought the asylum and owns its land, they told us about a back entrance which we had seen on the way in (the road with theNeighbourhood watch sign in the fence) they advices we try that side, so we did but as we walked down the dirt track we quickly realised there was no entrance that way either as the iron fence was still standing tall with no way over so we left and all agreed to go to the water fall, half way up the road we saw what looked like an old path to the hospital that had a broken metal sheet, so obviously we gave it another shot now I can’t tell you how we managed it but we ended up walking into that field where the large iron gates were but still couldn’t access the asylum, unable to remember where we entered we had to climb over a gate and just as I hopped over some more locals spread towards us almost hitting me and the girl we had helped as the parked up shouting and swearing at us, my boyfriend and friend still in the field me and this girl has to deal with these two we explained we were trying to get to the water fall and we’re unsure how we ended up in this field as it was fenced off and wondered if we could get directions to it and they denied us directions and continued to use language towards us and at some point the male passenger in his late 40s spat out the car as if he was spitting at us so we walked off however my boyfriend being a man decided to have words with the local couple about how rude and disrespectful they were towards us, a few minutes later he finally joined us at the end of the dirt track there car only inches away from his heels, as they drove off they flagged us and we admitted defeat and made our way to the water fall. I personally wouldn’t say the 2 hour drive was worth it at all considering there was no floors at all but it definitely wasn’t worth it considering the language and abuse we went though while there.



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Sounds like you met Niall and his wife who live in the farmhouse. They are usually very friendly.

I have no idea when the Elwyn wannabe descended on the place but it must of been about 2012/3 time. Talgarth is a lovely little town but the locals are somewhat fed up about the whole situation about the hospital - for many it was their lives and livelihood so they're quite upset about the state of it. The best route is around the back, you just need to be prepared to have a bit of a trek.


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I live about 5 miles from Talgarth, and my lad plays footie for the town. It’s an odd place, to put it mildly (they could have filmed the League of Gentlemen there!). I looked at a house there before I bought my current place. Every time I visit I’m relieved I dodged the bullet.

ETA - part of the reason the locals are so antsy is a few years back a bloke took a photo of a ‘ghost’ in one of the windows, and it went viral. Turned the place into Piccadilly Circus for a good while and engendered a lot of bad feeling to visitors.
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